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27 May
Hull City Hall, Hull Jazz Festival
with Echoes of Ellington Orchestra

29 May
Chomondley Castle, Temple Garden
with Robin Joiner Trio

15 June
The Chambers, Waterside Arts Centre, Sale Festival
Legends of the Tenor Saxophone
with the Mike Hall Quartet

28 June
RNCM Opera Theatre
with Laurence Cottle and the RNCM big band

5 July
Concorde Club, Eastleigh
with Echoes of Ellington Orchestra

16 July
Sonning Mill, Reading
with Echoes of Ellington Orchestra

1 August
Salon Perdu, Manchester Jazz Festival
with Group S (formerly Sax Assault)

10 August
Cheap Street Church, Sherborne
with Sherborne String Quartet

27 August
Railway Pub, Stockport
with Mike Hall Quartet

28 August
Chomondley Castle, Temple Garden
with Robin Joiner Trio

31 October
‘The Messengers’ with Steve Waterman
Wilmslow Con Club

Mike Hall Quartet: "Legends of the Tenor Saxophone"
Quartet set highlighting some of the key exponents of the tenor saxophone

Mike Hall/ Dan Whieldon duo
Long established pairing! (CD available)

Octet mainly playing West Coast style 'cool' jazz

The Messengers
Quintet featuring Steve Waterman

The Felonious Monks
12 piece ensemble playing original material commissioned by Manchester Jazz Festival in 2013 (studio CD available)

7 piece ensemble playing my original compositions soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, cello, paino, bass, percussion, vibraphone

Mike Hall Quartet plus string quartet

Boplicity in concert...

in duo with Dan Whieldon...

clip from Felonious Monks...

with Sax Assault...

While I have the somewhat unflattering title of Co-ordinator of Jazz Studies I realise that I have the dream job!
At RNCM, rather than offer a full-time, specialist course in jazz we aim to make the opportunity to study jazz available to all students.
RNCM provides many opportunities for students to expand their skills and knowledge of jazz styles and improvisation.

I run these classes...

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